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Deliverance and Healing that Purifies Prophets and the Prophetic Gift in You

Speakers Apostle Dr. Ivory Hopkins (East Coast RDU Chancellor) and Bishop Dr. Jackie Green (West Coast RDU Chancellor)

CD - Prophetic Company (Pt 1 & 2) by Bishop Dr. Jackie Green

These CD’s are an excellent teaching how to prophetically move as a company of prophets in unity bringing the mind and purpose of God to the body.

CD - Exposing the Spirit of Marijuana by Bishop Dr. Jackie Green

This message was done in Denver, CO, added because of the powerful insight she gives the spirit of marijuana tracing its occult roots.

CD - Set Free in Your Prophetic Potential - by Bishop Dr. Jackie Green

In this message, Dr. Green ministers heavily on activating and maintaining the potential that resides in you.

CD -- The Gifts and Graces - What it takes to Perfect the Saints for the Work of the Ministry by Apostle Dr. Ivory Hopkins

Apostle Hopkins preaches a message that clearly spells out what it takes to stand in boldness and operate in the gifts and graces that God puts in you.

CD - Purifying the Prophet and Prophetic Gifts by Apostle Dr. Ivory Hopkins

There is nothing more dangerous than to operate in the gifts of the spirit but fail to deal with the strongholds in life and character. This is a MUST HEAR message.

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