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Strongholds That Effect Marriages and Family Series

Price: $25.00 @ or Call: 302-542-2047

These messages by Apostle Ivory Hopkins dismantle the tactics that the enemy uses to demonically war against marriage and the family and shows how to break free and walk in the deliverance God planned for marriages.

CD 03 - Turning the hearts of the Fathers to the children Breaking Evil Decrees Against The children

This message explains what Malachi was talking about with the children are rejected by their family and generation. Why the blessing and revoking of evil decrees over children must be broken.

CD 08 - Strongholds That Effect The Family

This CD give great insight on spirit sent against the family, and how to not only identify them but how to break their power.

CD 09 - Love Lasting Relationship

WOW This is the best message I ever preached on marriage this seminar will help couples to build a stronger marriage.

CD 13 - Breaking Marriage Breaking Spirits Coming From The Other Man Or Woman

This message gives insight and warfare prayers tactics to help pull down the enemy who is using the other woman or man from taking your mate. 

CD 136 - Breaking The Chains of Manipulation In The Family.

This clearly the most detailed message Apostle ever preached on the subject of manipulation in the family. You name it he covered it using the life of Isaac, Rebecca and their two sons Jacob and Esau the revelation and deliverance from this message were awesome.

CD 06 - Deliverance From The Predator Released Against The Family. – This message exposes how spiritual strongholds have attached themselves to the family what they are and how they work.

Price: $25.00 @ or Call: 302-542-2047

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